Coaching Spotlight: Cody Williams

Coaching Spotlight: Cody Williams

In our final coaching spotlight, we highlight Cody Williams, a passionate and dedicated health and wellness enthusiast who has dedicated over a decade to the pursuit of excellence in coaching and mentoring.

His journey has been marked by remarkable achievements and a commitment to helping others on their athletic and fitness journeys to achieve their goals. 

Meet Cody Williams

Cody’s fitness coaching journey began in 2012 when he became a ‘student-trainer’ at Point Park University, which he held until graduating in 2014. During this time, he was mentored by Drew Shields, a former MMA fighter and personal trainer.

Currently, Cody is working hard towards earning his certification in Personal Training from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). This commitment to ongoing professional development and education underscores his unwavering dedication to his craft. His passion for fitness and helping others is the driving force behind his pursuit of the ISSA certification.


‘Cody and the other gentleman who coached the WRs at the Pittsburgh Youth Camp made their corner of the field the IT place. They brought amazing energy to their drills, and you could tell it was the place all the kids wanted to go to. Their willingness to talk to individual kids while also coaching the rest showed they are dedicated to the kids. My son Terry will be back next year and the year after, and hopefully Cody remains a part of that staff. It was a joy to watch.’ (Georgina S.)

Cody Williams Background Experience

Cody has extensive experience that extends from being both a player and a coach. 

Coaching Experience

Cody’s coaching background is impressive and comes with a wide range of experience:

  • Cody has four (4) years of experience in private and personal coaching. Helping individuals work towards their health and wellness goals.
  • He has one (1) year experience as a high school varsity football coach working with wide receivers and defensive backs as well as shaping young athletes’ attitudes toward the game.
  • Cody has been an integral part of the Pittsburgh Steelers Youth Football Camps, contributing his expertise to athletes learning the wide receiver position.
  • He is a key member of the coaching staff for Next Level Football where he helps oversee their camps as well as contributes as a wide receiver coach.

Playing Experience

Cody’s athletic journey consists of playing numerous sports at the high school level and playing collegiate basketball. During his time at Point Park University, he was honored with the prestigious Datroniks Scholar Athlete of the Year Award for the 2013-2014 season. This recognition highlighted his exceptional commitment to both academics and sports while attending college.

Commitment to Excellence at the No Slack Just Hustle Sports Academy

Cody’s decision to be a part of the No Slack Just Hustle Sports Academy stems from his profound love for helping athletes and their families. His dedication extends beyond the field; he strives to empower individuals to train for their sports-specific goals both on and off the field. 

His commitment to both their physical and personal development reflects his genuine desire to make a positive impact, inspiring athletes and their families to achieve their full potential.

Our team invites you to review what we offer at the No Slack Just Hustle Sports Academy to see if it is the right fit for you and your athlete to help them on their athletic journey.

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