Preparing for Success: The Best Workouts Before Your Sports Season Begins

Preparing for Success: The Best Workouts Before Your Sports Season Begins

As athletes, we understand that the road to success in sports includes: Dedication, hard work, and preparation. One crucial aspect of preparation is the pre-season training regime we partake in. It lays the foundation for peak performance during the sports season.

In this blog we will explore the importance of pre-season workouts and take a look at some of the best workout options and activities you can do, as well as why they bring value to your sports training.

The Importance of Pre-Season Workouts

Pre-season workouts are a critical phase of training in an athlete’s workout routine. They provide a unique opportunity to improve physical fitness, mental toughness, and also sport specific skills. Engaging in these pre-season workouts can help athletes develop endurance, reduce the risk of injury, and gain a competitive edge over others.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT programs are powerful and time efficient workouts that help athletes improve both explosiveness and cardiovascular endurance. These types of workouts involve a short burst performing an intense exercise followed by a brief recovery period. 

An example of a HIIT workout program would be a 45 second burst exercise and a 15 second recovery time.. You could also do a 30 second burst and 30 second recovery time. This type of training promotes a high intensity workout with recovery time built in too, which can help with overall stamina translation into game play.

Reasoning: HIIT workouts stimulate the body to adapt quickly to change. This helps to boost both anaerobic and aerobic capacity, which aids in recovery time.


Plyometrics involve explosive movements that are perfect for developing power, speed, and agility that translate into the sport you play. Some great plyometric exercises to incorporate into your training are box jumps, bounders, frog leaps, and squat jumps. 

Reasoning: Plyometrics engage fast-twitch muscle fibers. This promotes explosive movements that can potentially help athletes to jump high, accelerate quicker, or change directions more efficiently.

Sport-Specific Drills

Sport-specific drills are an essential pre-season training piece to prepare you for your upcoming season. These drills incorporate scenarios and situations that may occur within your sport. They will help improve your technique, decision-making, and understanding of the game.

Reasoning: Sport-specific drills focus on the sport the athlete is getting ready to compete in. These drills will help with in-game adaptations and muscle memory to help with execution.

No Slack Just Hustle Philosophy

No Slack Just Hustle is not just a catchy phrase; it’s a mentality, a mindset, a way of life for athletes dedicated to reaching their full potential. We are proponents of hard work, discipline, structure, consistency, and focus to help athletes develop a champion mindset.

When in the pre-season phase to your sports season, it is a crucial time to build a strong foundation in preparation for the season. We mentioned three (3) types of workouts you can implement into your pre-season training, but remember there are also other training options out there too worth researching.

Success in sports is earned through dedication, hustle, and surrounding yourself with people who will help you grow and see success. Our team at No Slack Just Hustle wants to see you succeed in your sport and your overall health and wellness. 

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*Disclaimer: It is essential to approach any type of workout that you incorporate into your training with proper technique and caution. Always consult with a qualified fitness professional, doctor, or healthcare provider prior to engaging in any type of workout, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns.

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