The Value of Setting Health and Wellness Goals

The Value of Setting Health and Wellness Goals

It’s the new year and the traditional time for people to map out their goals for the year. These goals range from financial goals, weight loss goals, business goals, and much more!

There is great value in setting all of these goals, but your health and wellness controls all other aspects of your life which is why we believe this is the most valuable type of goal to set.

Let’s dive deeper into why there is such great value in setting health and wellness goals.

Direction and Priority

The only way to know where you are going is to determine your destination and create a roadmap to get there. When we create health and wellness goals we give ourselves an endpoint we want to reach. This could be in the form of inches, pounds, or even being committed to working out everyday.

Setting health and wellness goals provides direction for the journey and also makes being healthy a priority. Prioritizing your health needs can have benefits for other aspects of your everyday life too.

Gain Energy

Have you ever had a ‘splurge’ meal and afterwards felt tired and lethargic? This feeling can be typical when we eat unhealthy food. Setting health and wellness goals causes us to take action. This could be in the form of implementing a healthier meal plan or engaging in a new fitness routine.

Whether you create goals for one of these areas or both, the better you feel the more energy you have. This can change the course of your day, week, month, or year, if you stay consistent with these goals because you can potentially gain energy to get more accomplished.

Relieve Stress

Did you know that certain workouts can be considered stress relievers? When setting and committing to health and wellness goals you are providing your body an outlet to relieve any stress that was encountered that day or throughout the week.

When we complete something, our mind tells us subliminally ‘Good job!’ This releases positive energy, which can help tame any stress we may feel. 

Overall Health

Staying committed to your health and wellness goals can positively affect all aspects of your overall health. Feeling energized, motivated, and focused are all potential results of setting and working towards these types of goals. 

We always like to encourage people to set at least one (1) health and wellness goal per year that they can commit to consistently. Because health and wellness goals can translate into reaching your potential with other goals you set too!

How We Can Help

At No Slack Just Hustle, serving you and your health and wellness needs is at the forefront of what we do. We believe that health and wellness is 3-fold (Mindset for mental health, nutrition for internal health, and fitness for external health). 

Our team is dedicated to providing transformational lifestyle products and programs to help you achieve life-changing health and wellness results.

If you have health and wellness goals this year, contact us today at to learn more about the products and programs we offer to make your goals a reality.
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